Improve Safety for Residents Who Wander: 


The SigmaGard operates on Digital Radio Frequency Identification. This means it’s virtually interference free. Analog systems are vulnerable to false alarms resulting from interference from elevators and automatic door openers.

These systems can be built with three different components allowing SMD to customize a system based on your resident population, your physical plant, and your budget. Exterior keypads and/or push buttons may be interfaced with door locking units to provide access control.

Take note of these key features and benefits when comparing wandering resident systems.  

SigmaGard Feature

Your Benefit

Active Digital RFID
(Radio Frequency Identification)

Virtually eliminates the interference from power doors and elevators which typically results in false alarms in facilities with analog systems.

Door Control Unit
Door Locking Unit
Network Notification Unit

Allows SMD to customize a system based on your resident population, your building, and your budget.

Personalized Egress Rights

Advanced electronics enable community to allow specified residents access through select doorways while limiting access to others.

Easy System Integration

SigmaGard can be monitored by ReZcare; notifications are be received on same devices as calls for aid. 

Battery Powered Transmitter Options

Customers can choose between a Standard Transmitter or an attractive Watch Transmitter which has a field replaceable battery. Transmitters with replaceable batteries offer significant savings over the long term.

Resident Identification

SigmaGard identifies the wandering resident at the alarming door, at the nurse’s station, and on mobile devices.

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