ReZcare Monitors Wandering Resident Systems

Integrates with SigmaGard

The SigmaGard Wandering Resident system prevents residents that are a wandering risk from leaving the facility without proper escort. Utilizing a station at each entry/exit door and elevators, the system will lock the door when a wandering resident wearing a transmitter approaches. If the door opens while the resident is present an alarm will sound and the system will display the name of any residents near the open door.

ReZcare fully integrates with SigmaGard. All elopement alarms are immediately reported to ReZcare, and notifications are sent immediately to caregivers just as a call for aid would be.

Create a Safe environment for Residents Who Wander

SigmaGard transmitters operate on active Digital RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) which creates a virtually interference free system.  Analog systems frequently encounter interference from elevators and automatic door openers which results in false alarms. SigmaGard provides more programmable features than any system in the industry which creates a much safer environment for the residents, while tremendously reducing owner liability.

Benefits of System Integration:

  • Alarm information can be received on any device used to receive a call for aid.
  • Alarm activity is recorded in the system.
  • Data can be collected and reports generated so your management team can create optimal staffing patterns.
  • Calls for aid and possible elopements can be viewed on the same screen.

More Information

More Information regarding SigmaGard can be found on the SigmaGard product page.

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