Thermal Imaging Cameras by Hikvision


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Hikvision offers a selection of thermal imaging cameras to help providers achieve the safest living and working environments possible.

Hikvision Thermal Turret Dome Camera

Turret Dome

Mounts on Wall or Ceiling

Footage displaying the body temperature of individuals approaching the camera is immediately displayed on a designated monitor. When someone’s body temperature exceeds normal limits, an alarm message sounds at that monitor. The alert is simultaneously communicated to multiple parties via email for prompt intervention.

The dome camera can be mounted on the wall or ceiling based on the size of your entry or screening area.

Hikvision Temperature Screening Terminal

Temperature Screening Terminal

Can be Wall Mounted or Placed on a Floor Stand

In addition to evaluating body temperature, this model can also detect whether or not an individual approaching the camera is wearing a facemask. If no face mask is detected, a voice reminder will sound.

The temperature screening terminal also has an access control function. High temperature or the absence of a mask can result in denied door access. The limits for door access are at the customer’s discretion.

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