Monitor and Phone


 Simplify Monitoring of Critical Life-Safety Systems

 ReZcare can integrate nurse call with wandering resident and security systems, as well as fire alarm panels. Receive calls for aid and elopement notifications all through the same devices.  Record events and evaluate response with valuable management tools. 

Wired and Wireless Nurse Call

Nurse Call 

Respond to Resident Needs Promptly and Efficiently

ReZcare Wireless, a UL 2560 approved nurse call system, provides a comprehensive and reliable system for residents to call for assistance at any time, from locations throughout a campus.   Dome lights and event displays supplement the direct notifications received by caregivers on mobile devices or handheld radios.

TekTone is a hardwired alternative to ReZcare Wireless, offering both tone-visual and two-way voice systems.  With an understanding of the state regulatory environment and your goals for optimizing resident care, your local SMD representative will guide you to select the right system for you.


Wandering Resident Systems

Create a Safe Environment for Residents Who Wander

SigmaGard’s digital technology allows for 99% reliability with no interference from other equipment in your facility. This technology eliminates false alarms, provides resident identification as a standard option, and protects your community from possible elopement.

SMD also offers ResidentGuard from accutech to give providers a choice when selecting a wandering resident system. Accutech offers a stand alone system that is attractive to providers expediting an installation that wasn’t part of their capital budget process. 


Door and Building Security/ VSS

Optimize Safety for Residents, Families, and Staff

SMD offers a portfolio of products, inlcuding Video Surveillance Systems, delayed egress and non-delayed egress locks, and access control products such as key pads and FOB readers.  Some providers select individual components, others seeking more accountability choose a customized system equipped with monitoring software. System design is flexible and can be modified as security needs change.

VSS Systems can include multiple video cameras which send feed to a networkable DVR/ NVR. Feed can be accessed through a web browser, from any Windows based computer (In the building or offsite) , or from any Android or iOS (iPhone/iPad) Device. 

Patient Lift

Safe Patient Handling Solutions

Protect the Safety of Residents and Caregivers

VANCARE has been recognized as a leading manufacturer of mobile floor lifts in the US for over 25 years. It is one of a few companies in the Safe Patient Handling market that manufactures its lifts and slings from start to finish in their own manufacturing plant.

Hikvision Thermal Imaging

Thermal Imaging

Measure Body Temperature Quickly and Efficiently 

Prepare for the long term need to evaluate staff and visitor body temperature while conserving critical staff resources. 

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Integrating Critical Life-Safety Systems