Resident Care System

ReZcare Diagram of Administrative Management

ReZcare is a suite of integrated software applications and hardware systems which are connected and monitored.  

ReZcare provides facility-wide care and security monitoring by integrating critical life safety systems within assisted living and retirement communities, nursing homes and hospitals. Those systems can include nurse call, wandering resident, and door and building security systems as well as fire alarm panels.

For residents, ReZcare provides a sense of safety and comfort with multiple options to request assistance including wireless pendants, bedside call buttons, pull string stations and daily check-in. For caregivers and staff, ReZcare provides almost instant notification of requests for help from residents providing useful information to allow them prioritize and respond quickly and effectively. Administrators and managers benefit from ReZcare’s powerful reporting engine, delivering scheduled activity reports to selected personnel and providing easy to use tools for reviewing historic system activity.

ReZcare Delivers

Residents have the comfort and confidence that if they need help, it’s just a simple button press. With wireless pendants, pull cords and bedside call buttons, help is just moments away.

Caregivers get rapid notification of a request or problem, where the problem is happening and who is involved. They have the ability to take responsibility for the event and respond as well as to communicate with coworkers to coordinate an effective response.

Managers/Administrators can access valuable data such as staff response time, nature of resident calls, elopement alarms, and call locations with regular report delivery for consistent historic analysis. This data is valuable for creating effective staffing patterns, evaluating overtime needs and staff performance.

With over 1,000 installations the United States and Canada, ReZcare has been proven to be an effective long-term solution.

ReZcare Monitors and reports on:

  • Wireless nurse call (ReZcare Wireless)
  • Select hardwired nurse call systems
  • Wandering Resident/Elopement systems (SigmaGard and others)
  • Door and building security
  • Fire panels

Records all activity centrally (ReZcare EarlyResponse)

Provides visually and auditory notification options for caregivers and administrators

  • Remote stations with floor plan indicators (ReZcare Status)
  • Active event monitoring (ReZcare Status)
  • Mobile application for phones and tablets (ReZcare Mobile)
  • Overhead paging (ReZcare Voice Announce)
  • Two-way radios (ReZcare Voice Announce)
  • Pocket pagers
  • Wireless telephones (text and ReZcare Voice Announce

Reporting and accountability for management

  • Automatic activity reports (ReZcare Reports)

Regulatory Compliance

ReZcare systems are customized with attention to the regulatory environment in your state.

ReZcare has the capability to integrate critical life safety systems, and provide critical data relative to staff response.

Specific system features such as the array of call devices for residents, and the ability to send visual and auditory alerts across a number of devices simultaneously significantly enhances the level of response in the smallest facility and most complex campuses.

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Integrating Critical Life-Safety Systems