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ReZcare Wireless

Now UL 2560 certified!! 

ReZcare Wireless Nurse Call provides a complete, safe, reliable system for residents to call for assistance at any time, no matter where they are located in the facility. In addition the system includes wireless notification with dome lights and event displays.

All of the wireless components are designed for long battery life and use industry standard batteries. Expected battery life is a minimum of one year and can be as long as three to four years depending on the frequency of use for the device. The wireless system will report low battery situations weeks before the battery will be exhausted.

Each component in the system is fully supervised so that if it fails to report in within the specified amount of time the appropriate staff will be notified. This prevents the situation where a transmitter fails then is unable to report when needed for an actual emergency.

The ReZcare wireless system is built on the industry standard Inovonics EchoStream platform.

Components ( For Complete Information of Wireless Nurse Call Components)

Pendants – using their wireless pendant, a resident can press the button to summon help if they are in their room, the dining room, visiting another resident or involved in some other activity.

Bed Station – can be configured with one or two call buttons for one or two bed rooms. When activated, the system will distinguish whether the call came from bed A or Bed B. This station also includes a Staff Assist function

Emergency Station – configured with a call cord and Emergency button for use in bath and other locations, also includes a check in function

Dome Lights and Controller – dome lights are commonly mounted outside each room and indicate that there is a call active for that room. Each controller communicates wirelessly to the software and monitors up to 24 dome lights

Wireless Coordinator – the main wireless controller that connects to the computer

Wireless Repeater – an active repeater device that extends the wireless signal throughout the facility

ReZcare Locate

ReZcare Locate

ReZcare Locate is a system that will provide the location of a pendant in the facility when it is activated for a call for assistance. The locate system is most useful when most or all of the residents in a community wear a pendant and are moving around the facility. Those residents may be in the dining room, activity room, visiting another resident or walking the community grounds. Instead of staff having to search the building and grounds to find the resident, the system will tell them where they are in the building.

Without locate, the system can only report the resident’s room or apartment location. A common message for this might be something like “Pendant pressed, Jane Doe, Room 100.” With locate, the current location will be added to the message that caregivers receive so they know where to go to find the resident, “Pendant pressed, Jane Doe, Room 100, near Dining Room.”

This system allows caregivers to reach the resident and provide care more quickly.

Emergency Box


Pendants are portable, battery operated devices with a call button. Residents can wear the pendant on a lanyard around their neck, on the wrist as a bracelet, or attached to clothing.

Pressing the button on the pendant will send a wireless signal to the receiver and begin the process to summon assistance. Once a caregiver arrives to provide help, they can press the reset button on the back of the device to clear/reset the call.

ReZcare Staff Assist

Bed Station

The Bed Station is a wireless, battery operated unit that is installed on the wall, commonly near one or two beds. The Bed Station supports one or two call cords with buttons attached. With two cords, the system can distinguish whether the call if from a resident in Bed A or Bed B. To summon help a resident presses their call cord button which triggers a transmission to the computer. When the staff arrive in the room to assist they will press the Cancel button to clear the call.

Each call cord is attached with a breakaway connector for safety. If the call cord becomes detached the system will send a call for assistance message for that call button.

In addition to the call buttons, the Bed Station includes a Staff Assist button. This button is used by staff if they are in the room and need additional help. Pressing the button will send a Staff Assist notification to other staff with the proper room location.

Emergency Box

Emergency Station

The Emergency Station is a wireless, battery operated unit that is installed on the wall, commonly in living areas and in the bathroom. The Emergency Station has an Emergency button and a pull cord that will also activate the emergency call. To summon help a resident presses the Emergency button or pulls the cord which triggers a transmission to the computer. The pull cord is configured to hang near the floor so a resident can reach and pull it if they have fallen. When the staff arrive in the room to assist they will press the Cancel button to clear the call.

In addition to the emergency button the Emergency Station includes a CheckIn button. This button is used by residents to indicate that they are up and about and all is well. They are instructed to press the button by a certain time each morning so that staff know whether they need to check on the resident or not.

Dome Light

Dome Light and Controller

Dome lights are the traditional light outside each room or apartment in the facility. The dome light will activate any time there is an active call from a Bed or Emergency station in the room. Additional dome lights can also be configured for floors or areas of the building to show that there is a room that has an active call. The dome lights can show four different states to correspond with the level of acuity:

  • Off – no active calls
  • On – solid (no blinking)
  • On – slow blinking
  • On – fast blinking

The dome lights are wired to the Dome Controller which handles the wireless interaction with the system. The Dome Controller can support up to 24 dome lights. The Dome Controller is wired to permanent power, it does not require batteries.

Wireless Coordinator and Repeater

The Wireless Coordinator and Repeaters make up the wireless network that allows all of the wireless devices to communicate with the computer and each other. The coordinator is usually mounted near the computer and the repeaters are mounted in strategic locations throughout the facility to provide adequate signal strength everywhere. All of these devices are wired to full-time power, they are not battery operated.

Wired Nurse Call

The Aiphone NHX CommuniCare System is a UL 1069 listed Nurse Call system providing staff alert and communications for a variety of longterm care and hospital applications. The NHX Communicare System features:

  • One master and up to 80 patient stationsSingle
  • Single and dual patient/bed stations
  • Multi-station capability per patient room
  • Three types of call-ins from patient stations: routine call, bathroom call and cord-out trouble call, identified by tone and a blinking LED (with priority according to urgency and time of call)
  • NHR-3TS common area call station is used for common areas
  • List item Duty station for call annunciation in separate area
  • Optional zone light (max. 4)

The Aiphone system is completely integrated in the ReZcare system, providing complete call tracking, notification and reporting. With ReZCare and unlimited number of Aiphone systems can be integrated in one facility alongside wireless and other systems.

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