Notification / Levels of Escalation

Generally, the escalation levels are set so that caregivers are notified for the first two levels, then managers are added for the third level and administration is added for level 4 and above.

Notification can be sent to a broad array of devices in almost any combination to satisfy facility requirements for staff mobility:

Monitor of ReZcare Nurse Call

ReZcare Status

ReZcare Status

ReZcare Status is a series of applications that display the system status on screens mounted in the facility. Screens are commonly mounted at each nurse station, break rooms and management offices. There are multiple versions for status:

Floor Plan Status

Shows one or more floor plans for the facility. When an event occurs the location of the event will change color on the floor plan, based on the acuity of the call. In addition to the floor plan the application shows a list of the active calls. The application also offers an active call tone that can be configured to sound only for calls on the local floor plan, or for any call in the facility. The Floor Plan status is commonly used at the main desk, staff rooms and in management offices.

Active Call List

The active call list shows a scrolling list of any active calls. This application can be configured to show specific event types and specific locations.

This application is commonly used for code calls and other situations where high priority calls need to be monitored.

ReZcare Mobile

ReZcare Mobile

Apps for Tablets and Phones

ReZcare Mobile

ReZcare Mobile is an application that can be installed on tablets or mobile phones and provides up-to-the-minute status of all system activity or just activity for the assigned staff member. The application works on both iOS (iPhone and iPad) as well as Android devices.

At the start of the shift the staff member logs into ReZcare mobile and selects their coverage area. The app then shows them a list of any active calls.

When a new call comes in the device will alarm and show an alert dialog, then that event is added to the list. The user can view the details of any call, then select to take responsibility for the call. All other staff are then notified that the call has been taken and which staff member took the call.

Staff can also review recently completed calls. Managers can configure the app to see all calls in the facility.

ReZcare Voice Announce

Text to Speech System

The ReZcare Voice Announce system is a text-to-speech engine that takes the text-based event messages, names and locations and converts them to clean, understandable spoken messages. The spoken messages can then be broadcast over a number of different technologies:

— Two-way radio – incorporating multiple channels so that only staff assigned to that are receive messages for that area

— Overhead paging – facility-wide or zoned messages using the Overhead Paging Adapter

— Telephones – call phone numbers and broadcast the message

ReZcare Voice Announce provides a very efficient option for staff to continue working and not have to stop and look at a device to get an active message.

Two-Way Radio

Voice Announce Messages and Coordination

Two-way radios provide a very flexible notification system. Events are announced over the radios with ReZCare Voice Announce, staff hears the message and can use the radio keypad to acknowledge the call and take responsibility. Staff can also use the radios to speak to each other to coordinate care when needed.

24-Hour Monitoring

Central Station

Messages to Manned 24-Hour Stations

Central Station notification uses a special modem to call a monitored central station and send event messages. Central Station notification is commonly used in independent living facilities that are not staffed after hours. In this case any events that occur after hours are routed to the central station instead of local notification during the day when staff are present.

Checking Email on iPhone


H4 Email to Any Recipient

Email notification can be sent to any device that can receive email messages. Email is most commonly used for system events such as lowbattery and supervision events that are directed to maintenance personnel. Due to unpredictable delivery time, email is not recommended for use for acute event notification.

ReZcare Reports

ReZcare Anywhere

System Activity Website

ReZcare Anywhere

ReZcare Anywhere is a browser-based client application that shows a list of all active calls and recently completed calls in the system. The application can be run from any desktop or tablet browser.

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