Build a Customized ReZcare System

Start with the 4 core components, and select the from the enhancements to build your customized system.  

Core Products

ReZcare Early Response Logo

ReZcare EarlyResponse Software: 
operates on a central computer system, manages all system functions.

Resident Centered Communication Devices:
wrist or lanyard pendants, wall mounted call stations

Caregiver Communication Devices: hand held radios, iOs, and Andriod devices

Activity and Performance Reports:
a broad summary of daily activity from all integrated systems. 

Optional System Enhancements

ReZcare Locate

ReZcare Locate: call for aid specifies a resident’s location. Ideal for communities with active residents who may call for aid from multiple locations both inside the building and outside on community grounds.

ReZcare Check-In: can be triggered by motion sensor or staff activating switch in resident room. Choose between courtesy check-in or bed check based on your resident population and specific monitoring needs.

Dome Lights and Controller: typically required by law in skilled and acute care settings.

ReZcare Status

ReZcare Status: a separate computer which displays facility floor plan with all calls for aid, elopement alarms and other integrated system alerts simultaneously on one screen.

ReZcare Mobile

ReZcare Mobile: this app allows calls for aid to be communicated directly to mobile devices (phone or tablet, apple or android). 

ReZcare Reports

ReZcare Reports: collates data related to calls and response times and creates graphic representations of data.

ReZcare Access Control: alerts staff to doors that have been breached and doors that have been propped open. The door in alarm appears on the ReZcare Status screen, and the event is recorded in the system for reporting. 

ReZcare Early Response Logo

ReZcare Early Response

ReZcare EarlyResponse is a software application that manages all system activity. The software is installed on a dedicated computer system that is installed in the facility. All equipment is connected to the ReZcare application through wired or wireless communications. All components of the system are monitored and any failure is notified promptly.

Systems Features:

  • ReZcare application is fully supervised in case of a computer failure
  • All data is backed up regularly and can be taken offsite
  • Runs on an industry standard computer system that can be replaced or updated quickly no proprietary parts
  • SMD can offer service and support remotely
  • New features can be added with software updates

System Benefits:

  • All facility technology can appear as one system, eliminate the need for multiple notification devices
  • Staff can see what is happening from wherever they are, no need to return to a station for information
  • Improve care levels with full, accurate reporting of call volume and response times
  • One set of integrated reports, no matter what systems are in use

Scheduled Actions

ReZcare can be configured to run specific actions on a schedule, such as turning lights on and off, enabling and disabling monitoring of door security and locks, and any other action that can be controlled with a relay.

Different schedules can be setup for each day of the week, with unlimited actions each day.

Possible Applications:

  • Turn off lighting in unused areas
  • Disable electronic door locks during daylight hours

Resident Check-In

The resident check-in system provides a tool for automatic checking on the activity of residents. The check-in process gives caregivers and management some indication that residents are up and about on a regular basis without having to visit each room. The check-in system can be configured for multiple check-in times per day, and different times for each resident.

The check-in system includes multiple options for activating mechanisms. Administrators may select the mechanism most appropriate for their resident/patient population while fulfilling all regulatory requirements.

  • Resident presses a button on a check in station.
  • Resident activity is determined by motion detector.
  • Any resident call for aid is also recorded as a check in.

Scheduled Announcements

ReZcare can be setup to make scheduled announcements, usually done with ReZcare Voice over two-way radios or overhead paging. Announcements can be set for hourly, daily and weekly for any time of the day. An unlimited number of announcements can be configured. The announcement content can be custom text, or set to announce the time of day and date.

Scheduled announcements are commonly used for:

  • Announcing the time of day on the hour
  • Shift changes
  • Meal times
  • Visiting Times

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