Created with Input from Residents and Caregivers

60% Lighter and Smaller
The pendant is easier to wear.

Twist-Lock Access
Staff can quickly replace a battery and return to other duties.

Lanyard, Wristband and Optional Belt Loop Kit
Options offer choice to residents who have different lifestyles.

Inovonics New Pendant Features and Benefits

  • 60% Lighter and Smaller – The pendant is more comfortable to wear.
  • Large Alarm Light – Bright and continuous light confirms activation, offering peace of mind to resident.
  • Vibration Confirmation – Resident receives immediate assurance of successful activation.
  • High Contrast Button – Resident can easily locate activation button visually or by touch. This also reduces false alarms.
  • Waterproof Housing – Pendant is safe for use in shower or bath, and is easy to clean.
  • Twist-Lock Access – Staff can quickly change a battery, and return to other duties.
  • Lanyard, Wristband and Optional Belt Loop Kit – Options offer choice to residents who have different lifestyles.
  • Low Battery Indicator – Low battery will be indicated on the pendant itself, and on the PC through the Supervision/ Check-In function of ReZcare.
  • Quick Alarm Clearance- Using an optional magnetic card, staff can clear an alarm quickly, and proceed to offer assitance.

EN1752 Temperature Detector

The wireless EN1752 sends alerts when areas or equipment are not at the temperature required for proper operation. It is preconfigured with high and low alarm presets, so it can be customized for multiple applications including refrigerators, freezers, server rooms, storage areas, and pipes for pre-freeze warnings.  

Product Features
Temperature: 800°F high threshold for server rooms, and 400°F low threshold for pre-freeze
Battery Operated : Panasonic CR123A
Check -in time frequency: Programmable, with a 3 minute preset
Easy to Install: Mounts on a wall plate

System Integration
The EN1752 operates as a component of ReZcare- a suite of hardware and software systems that are connected and monitored. ReZcare sends alerts from the EN1752 to the same devices where staff receive alerts from critical life safety systems such as nurse call and wandering resident systems. 

View the datasheet for the EN1752 on the resource page. 

EN 1751 Water Sensor


Just as in our own homes, accidents happen. Faucets are left running when residents get distracted; toilets and appliances are also at risk for leaks. When such accidents happen in residential communities and healthcare facilities, the resulting damage can have significant impact on operations. They can also be very costly to remedy.  

Product Features

Minimize risk for extensive water damage by detecting as little as 1/4″ of standing water

Operates with a probe manufactured by Honeywell

Each detector purchased is equipped with a Panasonic CR123A battery, which has a 3-5 year life.

System Integration

The detector is fully supervised by ReZcare which checks in hourly, making it a very efficient preventative measure. Imagine patrolling 65 apartments, common areas, mechanical and IT rooms every hour to check for water! 

Your SMD representative will facilitate your planning by conducting a facility wide assessment to determine the optimal number of sensors for your community. Our team takes pride in working with management to select equipment that’s needed, while remaining mindful of your budget.   View the datasheet for the EN1751 on the  resource page. 

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Integrating Critical Life-Safety Systems