A Customized Approach

SMD selects from a number of products to design a customized system to enhance security for your staff, residents and their families. Whether your goal is to minimize theft, prevent resident elopement, enhance staff supervision, or control visitor access, your SMD representative can recommend the access control and security devices that will help achieve those goals within your budget.

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CCTV systems can include multiple digital or analog video cameras which will send feed to a networkable recorder.  Customers can view playback or live feed from their PC, apple or android device.  The cameras are typically placed in hallways or at doorways for the purposes of monitoring resident, visitor and staff movement.    

 More information about this new product line can be found here.


Door Locks

SMD offers a variety of delayed egress and non-delayed egress locks manufactured by DynaLOCK Corporation. DynaLOCK products feature DynaLife- a lifetime warranty on the circuit board for every electromagnetic lock they manufacture.

Delayed Egress Locks are designed to prevent unauthorized exit from a facility without compromising life safety. These electromagnetic locks can be used with a stand-alone key pad or proximity reader. They can also be used for selective monitoring with SigmaGard wandering resident system. In this instance the transmitter worn by residents will activate the door lock. Selective monitoring is typically used at mainentrances and high traffic doors.

Slimline locks from DynaLOCK are available for communities seeking a more aesthetically pleasing style.

SMD also offers a full line of Non-Delayed Egress Locks for Healthcare faculties, assisted living and retirement communities operating in states that don’t require delayed egress locks,  or that have acquired a waiver from their state.

Gate locks are a common example of a non-delayed egress lock, and are commonly used in enclosed recreation areas and courtyards. These locks provide a safe and secure environment and allow an emergency egress path during fire alarm activation. When the fire alarm is activated, the lock will release should staff need to escort residents farther away from the building.


Create an Integrated System

ReZcare Early Response customers can enjoy the benefit of having notifcation of doors in alarm sent right to caregivers on the same hand held device used to receive calls for aide.  This direct notification of caregivers enhances staff response time,  and increases the likelihood of mitigating a potential emergency situation.




Master Power Supply

This DynaLOCK device is recommended for communities purchasing more than one lock. It reduces installation expenses by eliminating the need for an AC outlet at each lock location. Up to 8 locks can be powered by one master supply unit.


Lock Replacement

Locks can be purchased individually to replace old/failed existing locks in your healthcare facility or assisted living/retirement community. DynaLOCK models retrofit other electromagnetic locks often found in healthcare settings and commercial buildings.


Request a Complimentary On-Site Assessment

A local sales professional from SMD will assist you in designing a door/building security system that best suits your needs and budget. Gathering this information starts with a complimentary onsite visit. As part of this assessment, the represenatative will ask about your resident population, the number of doors and their location,  and existing life safety systems on your campus.