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Rane manufactures several models for Long Term Care, Assisted Living, Personal Care, Continuing Care, and Rehabilitation Facilities.  All have been specifically designed for the people who use them, including a specialty tub for a bariatric resident population.    Detailed information on all models can be found on the .


Atlantic: Side Access /Reclining

The Atlantic has a unique tilting function which allows residents with challenging conditions to recline in a contoured seat and become immersed in warm water.  Eliminates “chill factor”. At only 24 gallons to pre-fill the foot well, water usage and the associated costs are greatly reduced.

There are 3 plumbing configurations to choose from – side, front, or island configuration. Optional Auto-fill option is a time saving feature that enables the caregiver to simply press a button and pre-fill the tub to a pre-set level.



The Victoria provides a unique combination of function, safety, and comfort.

The low threshold and wide side-entry door allows easy access for residents with carious degrees of mobility and the built-in contoured seat allows the resident to sit comfortably and safely in a slightly reclined position.

For your dependent residents, the RG9 Victoria is specifically designed for use with the RL9 Victoria Bath Lift, which provides seamless transfers from bed to bath in a comfortable seated position.

Let us bring our mobile showroom to you! Click the button at the top right corner  of the screen for an onsite demonstration of Rane’s most popular models: the Atlantic and  Victoria bathing systems.


CleanRane™ Air Spa System

The CleanRane™ Air Spa System enhances the therapeutic and relaxing effects of bathing and provides a pleasant experience for the resident. Hydro massage provides millions of preheated air bubbles in the water which increases stimulation of peripheral blood circulation, reduces pain and inflammation in the joints, gently massages away dirt, and induces deeper relaxation.

The CleanRane™ Air Spa System is a hygienic and low maintenance hydro massage system featuring 12 air jets with spring loaded check valves for back flow prevention, which prevents water from entering the air lines. Unlike most other whirlpool and air spa systems, the CleanRane™ Air Spa System does not allow water to enter the air lines, which may become a breeding ground for bacteria and mold. The CleanRane™ Air Spa System is a highly efficient hydro massage system that simplifies disinfection and reduces the possibility of cross-contamination. The motor is quiet, efficient, and has a ceramic heating element that blows warm air to help maintain the water temperature and warm the surface of the tub.


A full set of standard features can be found in every Rane tub

  • Air-Spa System
  • Easy-to-use Control Panel
  • Built-in Disinfectant System
  • Thermostatic Mixing Valve (solid brass)
  • Tub Fill and Shower Valves (solid brass)
  • Water Temperature Display
  • Shower Wand
  • ¾” supply lines and 1 ½” drains for fast fill and drain times
  • Secondary Safety Latch (RK12, RT4, & RB14-IM)
  • Lap and Shoulder Harness (RK12, RT4, & RB14-IM)
  • “Best in Class” warranty resulting in low cost of ownership
  • 5 years for external finishes and composite shell
  • 3 years on all moving and stationary parts
  • Lifetime warranty on the door seal