Nurse Call Systems

Powerful, wireless nurse call technology for hospitals, nursing homes, assisted living and CCRC campuses.

Simplify monitoring of critical life safety systems. When interfaced with Early Response Software, both Aiphone and ReZcare can integrate with wandering resident and security systems, as well as fire alarm panels. Receive calls for aid and elopement notifications all through the same devices.

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Wandering Resident Systems

Creating a safe environment for residents who wander.

SigmaGard's digital technology allows for 99% reliability with no interference from other equipment in your facility. This technology eliminates false alarms, provides resident identification as a standard option, and protects your community from possible elopement. SigmaGard® provides more programmable features than any system in the industry which creates a much safer environment for the residents while tremendously reducing owner liability.

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Bathing Systems

Bathing systems designed for the people who use them.

With four different models specifically designed for use in a variety of health care and residential settings, Rane bathing systems have unique design and maintenance features as well a strong warranty that make them the best choice for quality and affordability. 

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Patient Lifts

Patient handling solutions that protect the safety of residents and caregivers.

VANCARE has been recognized as a leading manufacturer of mobile floor lifts in the US for over 20 years. It is one of a few companies in the Safe Patient Handling market that manufactures its lifts and slings from start to finish in their own manufacturing plant.

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Door & Security/CCTV

Optimizing safety for residents, families and staff members.

Access control systems are designed with simple and consistent programming features that are functional across a number of residential and healthcare settings. The design is flexible so you can modify your system as security needs change. CCTV Systems can include multiple video cameras which send feed to a networkable DVR/ NVR.Feed can be accessed through a Web Browser, from any Windows based computer (In the building or offsite) , from any Android or iOS (iPhone/iPad) Device. 

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