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Invest in Prevention!      

Just as in our own homes, accidents happen. Faucets are left running when residents get distracted, and leave them unattended. Toilets and appliances are also at risk for leaks.  When such accidents happen in residential communities and healthcare facilities,  the resulting damage can have signficant impact on operations, and can be very costly to remedy.   

The EN 1751 from Inovonics can help you minimize the risk for extensive water damage in your facility by detecting as little as 1/4" of standing water.   The EN1751 operates with a probe, manufactured by Honeywell.   The detector is fully supervised, and checks in hourly making it a very efficient preventative measure.  Imagine patrolling 65 apartments, common areas, mechanical and IT rooms every hour to check for water! 

Each detector purchased is equipped with a  Panasonic CR123A battery, which has a 3-5 year life.  You can view the datasheet for the EN1751 on our resource page

Your SMD representative will facilitate your planning by conducuting a facility wide assessment to determine the optimal number of sensors for your community. Our team takes pride in working with management to select equipment that's needed while remaining mindful of your budget parameters.   


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By installing the ReZcare software module,  notifications from the  EN1751 will be sent to the same set of communication devices that staff use to receive calls for aide or notifications of doors in alarm.   Streamlined communications  will facilitate a more prompt and efficient response to clean up and repair.  

You can learn more about ReZcare here.