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The Schlage NDE has applications across the continuum of care                  ​

  • Perimeter Doors

  • Storage Rooms

  • Offices

  • Utility Rooms

  • Medication Room



  • Built-in Bluetooth which, with the proper software interface, enables wireless configuration from smart phones and tablets

  • Connects to Wi-Fi so regular updates can be received from the host software

  • Compatible with  a variety of credentials such as fobs, wrist bands and smart cards

  • Weather resistant design for use on perimeter doors

  • Selection of finishes from which to choose


Schlage NDE.jpg fob.jpg fob.jpg


Ease of Programming 

With the proper software interface, the Schlage NDE can be programmed from a wireless device using cloud based software. Credentials can be assigned and locking schedules can be configured. The software is easy to use, but your SMD representative will ensure a smooth transition to wireless locks by offering staff training.   You can monitor real time entry/exit at each locked door on the dashboard.  Data is collected each time a credential is used to enter each door, so those entering and exiting can be easily identified. 


Customization Optimizes Resources

SMD initiates the process with an onsite assessment that includes a facility walk through and a meeting with key personnel. With the critical information gathered, a customized system is developed with the selection of products that will be the best fit for your community. The SMD customer base includes providers of all sizes who care for residents of different acuity levels. Smaller communities may not require the same level of complexity in their access control system as a larger community. Customization is integral to developing the most cost effective solutions.