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The wireless EN1752 sends alerts when areas or equipment are not at the temperature required for proper operation.  It is preconfigured with high and low alarm presets, so it can be customized for multiple applications including refrigerators, freezers, server rooms, storage areas, and pipes for pre-freeze warnings.   


Product Features                                                                                                                

Temperature : 800 F high threshold for server rooms, and 400 F low threshold for pre-freeze

Battery Operated :  Panasonic CR123A

Check -in time frequency: Programmable, with a 3 minute preset

Easy to Install:  Mounts on a wall plate


System Integration

The EN1752 operates as a component of ReZcare- a suite of hardware and software systems that are connected and monitored.   ReZcare sends alerts from the EN1752 to the same devices where staff receive alerts from  critical life safety systems such as nurse call and wandering resident systems.  Read more about ReZcare here