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Originally designed for the hospitality industry,   RFID locks from KABA offer providers an access control system that is easy to install, easy to use, and easy to maintain. 





The KABA 79 Series, operating on Radio Frequency Identification (RFID), offers providers upgrading access control systems several key advantages. Of particular note is streamlined key management. The days of replacing door locks and issuing new keys each time a unit turns over are over!   When new residents move into your community, or when new staff assume roles requiring access to a secured area,  new credentials can be issued for the same lock.  When newly coded credentials are presented to a particular lock the old credentials are voided. 

Some distinct design features also make KABA easy to install and easy to maintain.   The key cards issued to staff contain information such as low battery levels.  With the battery housing located in the front of the lock, batteries can be replaced in a timely manner without entering a unit. Additionally, if you are replacing deadbolt locks when you install KABA RFID locks, the sealed reader will conceal any deadbolt cutouts in apartment doors.


Choice of Credentials

Some  residents will chose a FOB that they can slip onto a key ring or neck lanyard. Residents with dexterity issues may prefer the wristband which unlocks the door simply by presenting the wristband over the lock.

By using contact-less credentials you enhance resident convenience, and extend the life of your locks because there is no contact between the lock terminal and the credential.

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