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A New Design Created with Input from Residents and Caregivers


New Pendant Features and Benefits


60% Lighter and Smaller


The pendant is more comfortable to wear.


Twist-Lock Access


Staff can quickly change a battery, and return to other duties.


Lanyard, Wristband and Optional Belt Loop Kit

EN1221S-60N_Neck_Pendant_201x148.jpg EN1221S-60W_Wrist_Pendant_201x148.jpg EN1221S-60N_with_Optional_Belt_Loop_Kit_201x148.jpg ACC683-BU_Belt_Loop_Kit_201x127.jpg

Options offer choice to residents who have different lifestyles.



Click the "request a demo" button at the top of the page to have a representative contact you for a full demonstration of the new pendant, and how it operates within ReZcare.   Current ReZcare customers: Your SMD representative will conduct a complimentary assessment to determine if your current repeater mapping will support this new pendant properly.  Click the request a demo button, and your representative will contact you no later than the next business day to schedule your assessment.