Applications of ReZcare

ReZcare is effective in all size facilities – from small skilled nursing facilities and stand alone assisted living communities, to large multiple-building CCRC campuses that offer independent living, assisted living, skilled nursing and dementia care. You can replace an entire obsolete system that can no longer be maintained, or you may be able install the software overlay to integrate your existing nurse call system with other critical life-safety systems.

Get Started with an On-Site, Customized Assessment

There are a variety of circumstances that typically prompt a call for on-site assessment and development of a customized system.

Common Scenarios
1) The operator of a 90 bed skilled nursing facility with an existing hardwired nurse call system needs to garner more information about staff response times. Additionally, residents moving about the facility have no means to call for aid unless they are situated next to a wall mounted call station.

Many older hard-wired nurse call systems work well, but they don’t have any reporting capabilities. In many cases, a software overlay allows ReZcare to integrate with the existing nurse call system to add reporting as well as notification functions for staff.  With ReZcare you can also offer pendants to more mobile residents so they can call for aid when they are away from their room. 


2) The hardwired system in my independent and assisted living facility lacks an ability to track calls for aid from my active resident population. Active calls for aid can only be viewed from a monitor in the office.   Staff cannot confirm residents general well-being on a daily basis unless they physically locate them.

Installing ReZcare Wireless allows for a complete wireless replacement of the old system. The resident check-in system provides a tool for automatically checking in on a resident. Administrators may select from a variety of mechanisms and determine which is most appropriate for their resident population, while also fulfilling regulatory requirements. Wearable pendants can be offered to residents so they can call for aid from any location on campus. ReZcare Locate enhances the system by identifying where a resident is when they call for assistance. Caregivers can utilize two-way radios to receive notification messages from the system and communicate with each other to coordinate care. Administrators can benefit from automated activity reports to track response times and staff work load.

3) We are adding a memory care unit to our skilled nursing facility.

Installing SigmaGard with ReZcare provides an safe and secure system to lock down entry doors when wandering residents approach and sound the alarm if the door opens. ReZcare provides notification to all assigned staff using the same devices as the nurse call system, and records each event for full activity reporting.


4) Our new campus will include a full continuum of care, so we operate under several sets of regulations.

On a CCRC campus, a number of options exist to ensure regulatory compliance across multiple levels of care. Unless regulations specifically require hardwired nurse call, ReZcare Wireless Nurse Call can be installed across all levels of care. Monitors would be installed at all nurse stations for full visibility of activity in each area.  Administrators will benefit from scheduled reports of all system activity on the campus. Should your state require hardwired nurse call in the skilled nursing facility, SMD will install a system that meets that requirement. 


5) The manufacturer of my nurse call system is no longer in business.

This is a very common predicament that brings people to SMD. Our professional staff will start by conducting an onsite assessment, and work with you to determine which components of an existing system can be integrated with ReZcare to bring your facility up to date with a working system that can be maintained by our team of trained technicians.

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Integrating Critical Life-Safety Systems