Our corporate mission is to provide the highest quality healthcare and security monitoring products and services to our customers.


SMD was founded in 1988 by Richard Martini, Jack Callahan and Steve Rozinsky.
SMD is based in Wallingford CT, with sales professionals and technical staff strategically located to serve healthcare providers and residential communities in nine states – stretching from Pennsylvania to Maine.

Today, SMD is a leading distributor of nationally recognized and established products. Our customers include providers with construction and renovation projects, customers serving a new population, and those needing to upgrade outdated equipment and systems to minimize their risk exposure and better serve their clientele. Our sales professionals and service consultants will work with you to implement the best proposal with consideration to resident/patient needs and your budget.

Because technology is important to your business, we strive to help our customers to use their equipment productively and efficiently by providing in-service training and on-site service. Our desire to improve the medical equipment arena means that we continue to bring new products on board to meet our customers' twenty-first century needs. See our Product Listing page for a complete review of our products.

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SMD serves healthcare providers and residential communities in nine states stretching from Pennsylvania to Maine. Our network of sales and service professionals are strategically located to provide prompt attention and timely service to our customers.