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RTLS:  The Newest Enhancement to ReZcare

Through a relationship with Awarepoint, SMD has developed a software interface so ReZcare customers with the proper Wi-Fi infrastructure can operationalize RTLS through their existing nurse call system.  Using Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) Beacons and Tags,  this cloud-based, optional software module enables customers to strengthen their nurse call system by capturing real time data regarding resident location. 




Resident Monitoring


Early indentification of residents' change in function by observing movement patterns such as increased loitering at exit doors and near stairwells, increased movement overnight , and repeated entry into other residents' rooms

Accurate reporting of resident's daily activities for care planning and family meetings

Accurate resident location information when family arrive for visits or to accompany resident to a scheduled appointment


Additional Capabilities 


Work Flow Monitoring


Timely location of coworkers when support is needed

Accurate data regarding duration of care for individual residents

Evaluate response time 


Employee Safety


Staff tag can function as a duress alarm


Asset tracking


Reduce lost time associated with searching for missing equipment 

Ensure compliance with prescribed maintenance and cleaning schedules 

Reduce capital and leasing expenditures associated with purchasing unneeded equipment



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