Why schedule an onsite demonstration?

Nothing helps you become more familiar with your options than a live product demonstration:

  • How heavy is your hand held radio?  What other devices can we use to receive alerts?
  • What does it mean to integrate my nurse call and wandering resident systems?
  • Can my residents operate your call switch?


Key staff involved in making purchasing decisions will significantly benefit by observing first hand what products look like, and how they operate.  Using actual equipment, an SMD sales professional can demonstrate how ReZcare and  Aiphone nurse call  can be integrated with SigmaGard wandering resident system .    The large monitor in the demo kit allows several staff members to see the screen where calls for aid and resident elopements can be viewed at the same time. 


Regional sales representatives from SMD can offer a variety of product demonstrations, including:


Nurse Call Systems

ReZcare wireless and Aiphone 2-way voice nurse call

Staff will be able to see how calls for aid are initiated, received and reported. The representative will have a computer monitor to show how the location of the call for aid is typically displayed. Devices such as wall switches, radios and pendants are all demonstrated. The representative will also demonstrate how these nurse call systems can integrate with SigmaGard and other door security systems. Sample reports such as response time and total calls for aid are created so you can view the valuable administrative capabilities of this system.


Wandering Resident System, SigmaGard

Observe this system’s unique resident ID feature first hand. The name of a resident is provided both at the nurse’s station control panel and at the door the resident has approached. See the unique watch transmitter designed to maintain resident dignity while optimizing their safety.


Patient Lifts

VANCARE offers a full selection of mobile floor lifts, portable ceiling lifts, and track systems.   Mobile floor lifts are each designed to transfer people of different size from different positions in tight or spacious quarters.  Vander and Vera floor lifts are both available for onsite demonstration. The representative will provide a full demonstration of the lift(s) selected so staff can observe the design and operational features that are unique to VANCARE products.


Electrostatic Disinfecting System

See how quickly and safely you can disinfect patient care surfaces without exposing staff to toxic fumes or liquids. An SMD sales professional will bring a EDS cart to your facility so you can see the design that makes this touchless disinfecting system so unique.  Everything from the cleaning nozzle to the sterilizer and disinfecting solutions is stored in one, easy to maneuver cart.   Learn how the electrostatic spray is so effective in reaching hidden surfaces that are often missed by other cleaning methods. 

Scheduling your product demonstration

Please fill in the form below to request a demonstration, or siimply call the office. A representative will contact you within 24 hours. It is suggested that you set aside at least 45 minutes in order to have ample time for questions at the end of a demonstration. The representative will arrive 15 minutes before the presentation to set up equipment needed. Facilities managers, caregiving staff, as well as administrators are encouraged to attend when possible.